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MGB-related auctions.

New items relating to classic MGs are being added to eBay all the time. Below I've put up a selection of windows, each showing a selection of MGB, MGC and other similar listings which are running right now. Any of the items can be clicked on and viewed, usually with photographs.

Its free to register on eBay as a potential bidder, and once you have registered you can set up automatic email alerts. Ebay will then contact you directly when cars or parts are listed that match what you are looking for. Why not try some of your own searches, and see what MG auctions are running at the moment? Below are just a few of the listings for the MGB, further down is a selection of for the MGC.

A selection of today's MGB auction listings.

(Please note, all the items shown below end within the next few hours so please call in again, to see what else is coming up.

And some for the MGC...

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