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Learn more about the MGB with these sites.

Below are some interesting MGB/MGC web sites that may be of interest.

MG Cars Enthusiasts' Club
Useful site, full of MG information.
Building a V8 MGB
A home-made conversion of a 1973 MGB GT to V8 power and Sebring-style body modifications.
MG Owners' Club - MGB section
More info on the GT, Roadster and LE (Limited Edition) MGs.
Tips on MGB Roadster restoration
An interesting site with DIY tips to help anyone restoring an older MG.
The V8 Register
Gathering place for fans of the original GT V8s, Costello V8, and home-built V8 conversions.
Chevy V6-powered roadster
An unusual conversion, using a 2.8 litre V6 Chevrolet unit.
An MG is born
Step by step rebuild of an MGB.

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