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All the MGBs shown in these photos were seen at shows and historic race meetings in the UK, over the last few years.

Many classics are only ever seen at shows, yet the practicality of the MG sportscars mean that they can still be seen on the daily commute. To keep these old cars on the road is usually a labour of love, even for cars like the MGB that has such good spares backup. All the cars shown here, bar the scrapyard GT, will have required regular servicing to keep them on the road, so hats off to the owners of the MGs shown here for sticking with their favourite old cars, and bringing them out for the public to see them. The majority of these MG pics feature roadsters, with a selection of chrome and rubber bumper GTs, a lone MGC roadster, and a couple of V8 GTs. Most of the MGBs I've photographed seem to be red, so I've tried to include a variety of colours here.

Red MGB GT MG on a roller MGB Roadster Racing MG A line of MGBs
A maroon roadster MG at Oulton Park Early Roadster Red MGB White MGB
Roadster Rally of the tests MGB GT Rubber bumper BRG roadster
Rubber bumper MGB Roadster Chrome bumper Rally car GT Berlinetta
Roadster MGB roadster MGB GT Scrap MG Pale green MG
Concours MGB Black Roadster MGB V8 Brown MGB GT Red MG GT
Blue Roadster Green MGB GT MGB GT Late GT V8
Rally car MGB on Rostyles Wire wheels MG Orange MGB GT MGB GT

Notes on these MGB photographs

Most of these MGBs were seen at shows in the North West of England, and Wales, over the last few years. For example, the turquoise GT seen on the frame roller was being demonstrated at Tatton Park a few years ago. The racing roadster, finished in red and white and fitted with a hardtop, was spotted at a historic race meeting at Oulton Park racing circuit, which is also where the orange car on track was photographed. Most of the images were taken at normal static car shows, including Cholmondeley Castle and Smallwood.

The white MGC roadster, and the green MGB GT, were both seen at a special stage in the Rally of the Tests competition. The interesting fastback MG Berlinetta was photographed leaving the paddock at the Goodwood Revival meeting. The very rusty MGB GT I found in a Welsh scrapyard - despite being rotten as a pear, this MG could still donate parts to help keep another car on the road. Finished in a very 70s shade of brown is a smart rubber-bumper GT, this I saw at Malvern a couple of years back.
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